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Feral Pigeons

The feral Pigeon ( Columba Livia ) has become very much a pest in our towns and cities. There are a few things to consider when you have pigeons in you workplace or home. 

Risks posed by Pigeons

  • Pigeons carry many different diseases such as salmonellosis, tuberculosis and ornithosis which can be transmitted to humans.
  • Fouling contains many different insects such as bird mites and yellow mealworm beetles. Biting insects in houses, flats and offices are often linked to pigeon nests nearby.
  • Fouling is harmful to your building and can block gutters and drains, leading to expensive repair costs.
  • Fouling can cause fire escapes and stairways to become slippery raising health and safety issues for you and your staff.
  • Feral Pigeons can breed all year round.
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