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Fleas and Parasites

The most common flea is the Cat Flea, and lesser known are the Human and Bird Flea. 

These parasites measure up to just 2 or 3mm in length and survive on blood. They are flattened on each side and have very well developed spines and legs enabling them to jump very effectively 

During a typical lifecycle, a Flea will produce several hundred eggs. The larvae will feed on the organic remnants and blood found in the adult's faeces. The adult will usually feed on the host from where they originated such as a cat, dog, or bird, but when the host is not there, they will happily turn their attentions to humans. 

Flea bites can cause significant irritation and discomfort, but it's important to note the reaction to flea bites in Humans can vary both in the level of reaction and the time it takes to react. 

To control a flea problem you must first identify the host. In many cases this will be a cat or dog. Once they have received the correct veterinary treatment it is vital a residual insecticidal treatment is applied to all the areas where the host has been. Sometimes it may be necessary to repeat this process once than once. 

Biting insects in the workplace are also not uncommon, and it takes a trained professional to identify and solve such a problem. 

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