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Stored Product Insects

With a huge variety of insects including moths, beetles, weevils and mites, stored product insects can cause incalculable losses. Depending on the species virtually no type of grain, flour, cereals and perishable goods are safe. 

Some examples of these pests include
  • Biscuit and cigarette beetle
  • Dermestes beetle
  • Grain beetles
  • Grain and rice weevils
  • Flour beetle and flour mite
  • Indian meal moth, mill moth, tropical warehouse moth
  • Spider beetle
What they all have in common is the harm they can do. They can contaminate foodstuff and product causing a significant loss of stock. Their presence can indicate non-compliance with legislation and lead to fines. Not only can they damage machinery, but loss of your hard earned reputation and income can also be a serious consequence of these pests. 

Treating these pests is really best left to the professionals. Crucially we can identify the insect and advise on the most effective form of treatment. If your business involves the use or storage of any commodity mentioned, it would money well spent taking out a programme of cover with Clearup Solutions, where we can provide regular insecticide treatments, and help prevent and eradicate any problems. Hygiene and training are also critical in protecting against SPI, which Clearup will be able to provide.
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